Beyond R&D: Exploring career paths in industry

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Sept. 19, 2023 | Duration: 1 hr.

The pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries offer diverse and rewarding careers in scientific innovation, healthcare advancement and the development of lifesaving medications. From research scientists to sales representatives, professionals contribute to groundbreaking therapies. Whether in drug development, research, quality control or marketing, these careers make a global impact on health while embracing professional growth and continuous learning.

This event was part of the ASBMB’s observance of National Postdoc Appreciation Week. See the event lineup


Camila Anguiano-Virgen

Camila Anguiano–Virgen
Product applications engineer, Pfeiffer Vacuum Inc.

Akwasi A. Asabere

Akwasi A. Asabere
Executive director of partnerships and service line strategy, Helix

Tom Kiselak

Tom Kiselak, moderator
Patent agent, Patterson+Sheridan LLP

Edgardo Mantilla

Edgardo Mantilla
IP counsel, ThermoFisher Scientific

Who should watch

  • Undergraduates considering Ph.D. training
  • Graduate students thinking about their next career step(s)
  • Postdoctoral fellows interested in nonfaculty academic positions
  • Graduate advisers looking to support their trainees’ career development

Learning objectives

  • Understand the various career paths available in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries
  • Gain insights into the skills and qualifications required for careers in industry
  • Explore the impact and opportunities for growth