July 7, 2020 | Duration: 42 mins.

This session focuses on protein stability and structure–function relationships, presenting new data related to turnover of a dioxin-responsive transcription factor, a structural investigation of an adaptor protein that must choose between cargo binding and oligomerization, and the properties of an elastin mimic protein that emulates the extracellular matrix.

The talks in this virtual event were originally programmed to take place as an in-person Spotlight Session at the 2020 ASBMB Annual Meeting.


Chair: Paulina Sosicka

Cargo binding of an adaptor directly competes with oligomerization
Nathan Kuhlmann, University of Massachusetts, Amherst

p23 co-chaperone protects aryl hydrocarbon receptor (AHR) from the autophagy-mediated degradation
Yujie Yang, University of the Pacific

The biological activity of extracellular matrix mimetic elastin-like polypeptide-laminin α1 peptide
Anh Truong, University of Southern California