Noncoding RNAs — structure, biogenesis and function

June 4, 2020 | Duration: 55 mins.

Cells contain myriad noncoding RNAs, each serving different roles and acting in different ways in both normal cell function and disease. Many noncoding RNAs have yet to be identified, and the functions of many known noncoding RNA molecules are not well understood. The presentations in this virtual event explore different types of noncoding RNAs, their structures and the effects they have on gene expression.

The talks in this virtual event were originally programmed to take place as an in-person Spotlight Session at the 2020 ASBMB Annual Meeting.


Chair: Jason Ejimogu

Mechanisms of phosphorylation-mediated regulation of the RNAi effector protein Argonaute 2
Brianna Bibel, Watson School of Biological Sciences

Long noncoding RNAs regulate NF-κB activation, inflammation and glucose metabolism
Subhrangsu Mandal, University of Texas at Arlington

Analysis of long-noncoding RNA structure–function relationship in prostate cancer
Emily McFadden, Duke University