Emerging signaling pathways

June 17, 2020 | Duration: 55 mins.

The ability of cells to respond to their environments and communicate with other cells is essential for many biological processes, including cell division, neurotransmission, inflammation and more. In this virtual event, researchers discuss emerging concepts related to cell-signaling pathways, including estrogen regulation of nutrient sensing, G protein selection in acetylcholine signaling, and a transiently membrane-tethered regulator of calcium signaling.

The talks in this virtual event were originally programmed to take place as an in-person Spotlight Session at the 2020 ASBMB Annual Meeting.


Chair: Marina Holz

Crosstalk between mTOR and estrogen signaling
Marina Holz, New York Medical Center

Uncovering the unique functions and regulation of the palmitoylated calcineurin isoform CNβ1
Idil Ulengin-Talkish, Stanford University

A structural framework for the G protein selectivity of muscarinic acetylcholine GPCRs
Ravinder Abrol, California State University, Northridge