New technology

June 11, 2020 | Duration: 1 hr 5 mins.

Contemporary research tools are paving the way for new discoveries in cell and molecular biology. In this virtual event, researchers showcase biological findings enabled by emerging technologies such as sensitive biosensors, high-resolution imaging in mice, methods for specific drug targeting and more.


Chair: Barry Willardson

Signaling diversity enabled by Rap1 and cAMP/PKA-regulated plasma membrane ERK with distinct temporal dynamics
Jeremiah Keyes, University of California, San Diego

Structural and functional analysis of the role of the chaperonin CCT in mTOR complex assembly
Barry Willardson, Brigham Young University

An ultrasensitive fluorescent biosensor for multi-modal kinase activity detection and high-resolution imaging in awake mice
Sohum Mehta, University of California, San Diego

Subcellular drug targeting illiminates local action of Polo-like kinase 1 and Aurora A during mitosis
Paula Bucko, University of Washington