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JBC Methods Madness

The Journal of Biological Chemistry is proud to the announce the fourth annual JBC Methods Madness.

Instead of basketball teams, this March we’ll be pitting influential techniques against one another in a three-week competition for JBC Methods glory. Sixteen prominent methods, eight classics and eight new challengers, spanning the scope of biological chemistry have been matched up and you get to decide which method will be crowned the tournament champion!

Congratulations to the 2023 JBC Methods Madness winners B. Montana and Maddie!

And the winning method, Mass Spectrometry!

How to play

Fill out and submit your bracket by March 3.

Vote for your favorite methods on these dates:

  • March 6–10: Scientific Sixteen (Round 1)
  • March 13–17: Energetic Eight (Quarter Finals)
  • March 20 & 22: Free Radical Four (Semifinals)
  • March 24: #JBCMethodsMadness Championship
  • March 30: Champion method and tournament winner announced


Round Points
Scientific Sixteen (Round 1) 2
Energetic Eight (Quarter Finals) 4
Free Radical Four (Semifinals) 8
Championship 16

Selection process

Widely-used biochemical techniques were selected by ASBMB and JBC editorial staff with expertise in a range of scientific fields. All selected methods fall within the scope of the society’s journals. Upon selection, the list was split into two categories: “Classics” and “New Challengers”, representing established techniques (greater than 30 years old) and newer techniques (less than or equal to 30 years old). This list was then condensed to 16 total methods, eight in each category. Low performing methods were removed from last year’s list and new methods were added in their place.