Tips for applying for ASBMB accreditation

May 23, 2019 | Duration: 54 mins.

ASBMB accreditation recognizes excellence in bachelor’s degree programs in biochemistry and molecular biology and related disciplines. A panel of experts from academia and the private sector evaluates three program areas: curriculum, faculty and infrastructure. Accredited institutions gain access to an exam for assessing student knowledge. Students who exhibit proficiency on the exam earn ASBMB certification for their degrees.

Interested in applying for accreditation? Watch this webinar with Adele Wolfson, professor emerita of biochemistry at Wellesley College, and Peter Kennelly, professor of biochemistry at Virginia Tech, who oversee the accreditation process, to discuss:

  • Myths about accreditation
  • The hallmarks of an ASBMB-accredited program
  • The general guidelines and requirements of the accreditation process
  • The benefits of accreditation for students, programs and educators


  • Adele Wolfson, Professor Emerita of Biochemistry, Wellesley College
  • Peter Kennelly, Professor of Biochemistry, Virginia Tech