The art of effective negotiation for women scientists

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Jan. 17, 2024 | Duration: 1hr. 57 mins.

Negotiations occur every day in the scientific laboratory and workplace and often involve issues that are key to research success and career advancement. This workshop teaches the fundamentals of negotiation relevant to a variety of one-on-one conversations and group settings. Topics include the importance of negotiation to advance research and career objectives, identification of negotiables for research and career advancement, elements of a successful negotiation, the importance of developing alternatives to an agreement, techniques for handling difficult people and conversations, the importance of listening and appreciating different viewpoints, and identification of short- and long-term negotiation goals.

This event is co-sponsored by the ASBMB Women in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Committee and the Committee on the Advancement of Women Chemists (COACh).


Pushpa Murthy

Pushpa Murthy
Emeritus dean of the graduate school and professor of chemistry, Michigan Technological University

Pushpa Murthy is emeritus dean of the graduate school and professor of chemistry at Michigan Technological University. She received her B.Sc. (Hons) in chemistry from Miranda House, Delhi University, her M.Sc. from IIT Kanpur and Ph.D. from Brown University. Her research focus has been in the areas of bioorganic chemistry, biochemistry and molecular biology. Throughout her career, Murthy has been active in research, teaching and administration. At Michigan Tech, she has held numerous administrative positions including associate provost of graduate education and dean of the graduate school, chair of the department of chemistry, and director of women in science and engineering. At the national level, she has served at the National Science Foundation as program director in the division of graduate education.

Murthy is passionate about graduate education and the advancement of women scientists and engineers. She is on the Graduate Education Advisory Board of the American Chemical Society and active in the Council of Graduate Schools. She serves on the advisory board of COACh International. She has conducted workshops around the world on the career advancement of women scientists and engineers and strategies to address career issues that can impede their progress.

Who should watch

Early-career professionals who are engaged in scientific research who seek to enhance their negotiation skills to advance their research projects, collaborate effectively with colleagues and navigate career progression within the scientific community.

Learning objectives

  • Understand the role of negotiation in scientific research and career advancement
  • Build proficiency in negotiation techniques and strategies
  • Enhance interpersonal communication and conflict resolution skills