Shaping the Narrative: Effective science communication in the COVID-19 era

April 28, 2020 | Duration: 1 hr

With COVID-19 headlines rapidly changing, it can be hard for many to separate fact from fiction, science from sensationalism. Many scientists, regardless of their field of study, are being called upon to help families, friends and the community at large understand the evolving pandemic.

Join us for this panel discussion about how scientists can use their credibility and critical thinking to cut through the noise and guide the national COVID-19 dialogue.


Susanna Greer

Susanna Greer
American Cancer Society

Matthew Koci

Matthew Koci
North Carolina State University

Michael Johnson

Michael Johnson
University of Arizona

Quira Zeidan

Amy Hawkins, Moderator
University of Utah

Who should watch

Scientists who are interested in engaging more in COVID-19 communication, particularly principal investigators, scientific staff, postdocs and graduate students.

Learning objectives

  • Recognize the role of scientists as communicators during the COVID-19 pandemic
  • Evaluate the current state of communication about COVID-19
  • Compare the needs of different target audiences
  • Apply science communication strategies to formal and informal discussions about the pandemic

Key takeaways

In this panel discussion, attendees will reflect on how their roles as scientists contribute to broader conversations about COVID-19 and learn strategies for effective science communication and engagement.