Inside look: Becoming an early-career reviewer at the NIH

June 28, 2022 | Duration: 1 hr.

Calling all early-career investigators! This webinar features the ins and outs of the Early Career Reviewer Program at the National Institutes of Health’s Center for Scientific Review, which gives emerging investigators an inside look at the scientific peer-review process. Elyse Schauwecker, a scientific review officer at CSR, talks about the benefits of participating, eligibility, the application process and recent changes. Schauwecker also answers questions from the audience about the program and other CSR opportunities for early-career scientists.


Elyse Schauwecker

Elyse Schauwecker
National Institutes of Health, Center for Scientific Review

Elyse Schauwecker

Anita Corbett, Moderator
Emory University

Who should watch

  • Early-career investigators in the biomedical sciences.