March 3–6 | Coronado, Calif.

2020 Deuel Conference on Lipids

Fat in Liver and Beyond

The Deuel conference takes place annually at a West Coast location for five sessions over two and a half days. The conference centers around an aspect of lipid metabolism and maintains an informal atmosphere, encourages free and open discussion, and is a forum for the presentation of new and unpublished data.

Attendees enjoy the informality and the meeting provides the depth and breadth of expertise necessary for a high quality conference. Participants are investigators in the field of lipids and lipoproteins from the around the world. Interested scientists are invited to attend and encourage trainees to submit abstracts.

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Opportunities for companies that have a general interest in the areas of lipid metabolism, atherosclerosis, obesity, diabetes and Alzheimer's disease.

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About Richard J. Havel and past lecturers.

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