How to develop competitive academic portfolios

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Sept. 28, 2023 | Duration: 56 mins.

Watch our webinar for undergraduates aspiring to pursue a Ph.D. or M.D./Ph.D. degree. Discover the secrets that will help you stand out from the competition. Learn how to maintain a stellar GPA, excel in standardized exams (GRE/MCAT), and secure impactful letters of recommendation. Craft a compelling personal statement and polish your CV/résumé to showcase your potential. Get expert advice on cultivating meaningful relationships with mentors and professors. Don't miss this opportunity to pave your way into a graduate program and embark on an exciting career in biomedical sciences.


Allison C. Augustus-Wallace

Allison C. Augustus–Wallace
Associate professor, LSU Health New Orleans

Who should watch

  • Undergraduate students
  • Individuals interested in applying to graduate school or postbaccalaureate programs
  • Undergraduate advisers looking to support their students' career development

Learning objectives

  • Understand the key factors that play a crucial role in the graduate school application process for biomedical sciences, including GPA, standardized exams, letters of recommendation, personal statement and CV/résumé.
  • Learn effective strategies to improve academic performance and maintain a strong GPA while pursuing undergraduate studies, ensuring a competitive edge in graduate school admissions.
  • Gain insights into crafting a compelling personal statement and CV/résumé that effectively showcase academic achievements, research experiences and extracurricular involvement, highlighting one's passion and potential as a prospective biomedical sciences graduate student.