Black history in the making: A postdoc research talk series (Part I)

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Feb. 16, 2023 | Duration: 59 mins.

An ASBMB Maximizing Access Committee and National Black Postdoctoral Association collaboration in observance of Black History Month

The American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology MAC strives to increase the presence, visibility, access and support of historically excluded and marginalized groups. In recognition of Black History Month and the significant role Black scientists have in advancing biomedical research, the MAC has partnered with the NBPA to highlight the research of Black postdocs in a virtual research talk series that will cover a range of BMB topics. Each of the two events feature three speakers.

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Stephen Williams

Stephen Williams (Moderator)
Baylor College of Medicine

Kingsley Omage

Kingsley Omage
University of Tübingen
Research talk: Excretion and activation of complement factors in nephrotic urine

Jessica Thomas

Jessica Thomas
Vanderbilt University
Research talk: Abnormal development of sensory phenotypes in a CaMKII autism mouse model

Erica Washington

Erica Washington
Duke University
Research talk: Structure-function characterization of the trehalose biosynthesis pathway in fungal pathogens

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  • Faculty on hiring committees
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  • Faculty, postdocs and students
  • Anyone interested in learning cutting-edge BMB research