The Art of Science Communication- Application Fall 2019

Interested in participating in "The Art of Science Communication" online course? Use the form below to apply! 

Space is limited to 5participants. Applicants will be accepted on a rolling basis, depending upon space.

Applicants will be reviewed on:

  1. The basis of their interest in science communication training
  2. Their explanation of how they will put the training received in this course to use in their professional careers, both at present and in the future
  3. Career stage

Approved participants will be notified by the end of September. 

NOTE- there is a $25 charge for ASBMB members to take the course. The cost for non-members is $100.  For information on ASBMB membership, please visit this webpage.

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What are your reasons for wanting to take this course? What impact will this course have on your career?
What are your expectations for the course?
How would you rate your ability to communicate with a non-expert audience?

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