ASBMB award winners Virtual Issue: Omics of lipids, glycans and polar metabolites

June/July 2018

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ASBMB Today June-July 2018

In the June/July issue of ASBMB Today, John Arnst writes about the machinists and engineers at the National Institutes of Health who strive daily to create lab equipment for biomedical researchers with evolving demands. And Laurel Oldach tells the story of two grad students who met at a conference, cooked up a study and cracked at puzzle at the heart of Lyme disease treatment. Plus a collection of photos from the 2018 annual meeting in San Diego. Read the June/July issue .

Where are all the science jobs?The number and types of science jobs out there fluctuate with workforce demands, and qualifications change based on these trends. Thus, it is important for early-career scientists to track hiring trends within the science and technology labor markets. This ASBMB jobs blog post has some tips for doing that.

Journal News

Visualizing MCP articles

MCP soon will include three new elements in each article – a graphical abstract, bulleted highlights, and an "in brief" statement. Read the editorial for more information

Virtual Issue: Signaling through space and time

G protein-mediated signaling influences all aspects of cellular communication, and our understanding of the importance of these pathways continues to grow as we identify the biomolecules involved and the extent to which G protein networks control diverse biological processes across disparate cellular locations and with various temporal behaviors. This virtual issue is correspondingly organized into three themes, focused on key signaling proteins and their actions in space and time. Read more

Member News

Congratulations to our annual award winners!

The American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology this week named a dozen scientists the winners of its annual awards. The recipients will give talks about their work at the society's 2019 annual meeting, which will be held in conjunction with the Experimental Biology conference April 6–9 in Orlando.

Rochester’s Maquat wins Wiley PrizeUniversity of Rochester School of Medicine and Dentistry professor Lynne E. Maquat has won the Wiley Prize in Biomedical Sciences.
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