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March 2019

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Phyllis Hanson

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  • The ASBMB depends on the intellectual contributions of its members to create and sustain critically important programs for students, early-career investigators and underrepresented science professionals, among others. Membership dues help support travel awards to the ASBMB annual meeting, workshops on grant-writing and advocacy, undergraduate student chapter events, professional-development training, networking and so much more. Renew your membership here.

  • ASBMB's public affairs director, Ben Corb, recaps some of the science policy-related news that broke in 2018. Read more

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ASBMB Today March 2019

As we gear up for the ASBMB’s annual meeting, meet 14 early-career investigators who will speak at special symposia hosted by the society’s three journals. Also in this month’s issue, an interview with Phyllis Hanson, a JBC associate editor, and a personal essay about the benefits of the IMAGE grant-writing workshop.

ASBMB Today February 2019

After a 10-year decline in transfusions and donations, the goal of generating universal blood may be making a comeback; we look at the business and science of blood types in this month’s issue. Also, annual meeting advice for undergrads and a Black History Month retrospective collection.
Read the February issue.

Journal News

Research highlights

What’s the link between chronic diabetes and cognitive decline? How does the body protect the liver during periods of fasting? Why do some pain drugs work in rodents but not in people? These and other questions are addressed in this roundup of papers published in the Journal of Biological Chemistry, the Journal of Lipid Research, and Molecular & Cellular Proteomics.

Introducing JBC Reviews

“The power of a good review transcends other streams of literature.” Learn how JBC’s 2019 relaunch of its popular MiniReview articles, now with more latitude and additional artistic and editorial support, will stimulate your scientific inquiry and change the way you think about a field. Read the full editorial by JBC Editor-in-Chief Lila Gierasch .

Member News

Remembering Thomas A. Steitz

Martin Schmeing and other former trainees remember the 2009 Nobel laureate, a giant in the field of structural biology who left a legacy of fundamental discoveries. Read the remembrances .

Learn about new council members and officers

ASBMB members have elected some new and some familiar faces to leadership positions. See the election results and find out more about the winners .

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