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June 2017

Cover of the current issue of ASBMB Today

The science behind kratom’s strange leaves

New faces at JBC

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  • The 2018 ASBMB Annual Meeting will be held April 21–25 in San Diego. Abstract submission begins in September!  
  • Does your research involve lipids? If so, consider joining the Lipid Research Division of ASBMB. Check out the Lipid Corner for upcoming lipid-centric meetings, notable recent lipid articles, notes and commentary from community members on matters of lipid interest, and job postings to connect lab heads looking for individuals with lipid expertise and qualified job-seekers.  
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ASBMB Today June-July 2017

In this summer issue, science writer John Arnst reports on what researchers know and don’t know about the science of kratom, a plant increasingly consumed by opioid addicts seeking relief from withdrawal symptoms. The issue also includes videos of interviews of the ASBMB’s 2017 award winners and audio of their award lectures. Don’t miss ASBMB members’ essays on the public’s diminishing faith in science and how to covercome a tenure denial.

2017 award lecture recordings available

Couldn't make it to this year's annual meeting in Chicago or simply want to revisit the fascinating research presented? We've got you covered. This year's annual meeting award lectures are now available in audio format . 

Journal News

New Targeted Mass Spec Guidelines Implemented

As of June 26 , MCP requires new guidelines for papers describing the development and application of targeted mass spectrometry measurements of peptides, modified peptides and proteins. Please read this editorial for more information about the guidelines. 

Get your metrics here!

JBC, MCP and JLR papers now include article usage statistics from Altmetric ! These "doughnuts" capture the impact of papers, from news articles and social media to Wikipedia citations and F1000 recommendations. Check out your paper's stats and find must-read papers with these alternative metrics.

Member News

Research!America honors Sharp

Phillip Sharp , professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, is the 2017 recipient of the  Raymond and Beverly Sackler Award  for Sustained National Leadership by Research!America.

Hart is inaugural recipient of Englund professorship

Gerald Hart , professor and director of the department of biological chemistry at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, has been selected as the inaugural recipient of the  Paul and Christine Englund professorship in biochemistry .

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