National Institutes of Health

Several of the individual institutes and centers across the NIH sponsor outreach and education programs.






Office of the Director 


Science Education Partnership Awards program 


Increases the pipeline of future scientists and clinicians, especially from minority, underserved, and rural kindergarten to grade 12 students; and engages and educates the general public on the health-related advances made possible by NIH-funded research.

  National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism    Science Education Programs   Translates and applies research findings about the science of alcohol use and abuse in a variety of formal and informal educational settings. 

 National Institute of Mental Health


Outreach Partnership Program 


Works to increase the public’s access to science-based mental health information through partnerships with national and state organizations. 

 National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences    Office of Science Education & Diversity   Coordinates local, state, and national outreach efforts designed to raise the awareness of students, teachers, parents, and scientists regarding the mission, research, and goals of the Institute. 

 National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases


Short-Term Education Program for Underrepresented Persons


Builds and sustains a biomedical, behavioral, clinical and social science research pipeline focused on NIDDK mission areas.

 National Human Genome Research Institute


Education and Community Involvement Branch


Develops education and community involvement programs to engage a broad range of the public in understanding genomics and accompanying ethical, legal, and social issues.

National Institute of General Medical Science   Science Education   Strengthening public understanding and appreciation of science.