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Give Us Your Organs
Students reached: over 80
Chapter Advisor: Dr. Ann Aguanno

Marymount Manhattan College’s ASBMB Student Chapter hosted their tenth annual organ donation event called “Give Us Your Organs” on November 2, 2015 in collaboration with Live Long New York, a branch of the Donate Life organization. Organized and hosted by Marymount Manhattan Biology majors, this event’s goal was to raise awareness about the need for organ donations and to increase the number of registered organ donors in the state of New York. In order to reach this goal, the Marymount Manhattan chapter hosted this enrollment drive and provided information on the benefits of organ donation to potential registrants. This 2015 event added over 50 new registrants to New York’s organ donor registry, which now includes Marymount Manhattan students and faculty.

The Student Chapter Outreach Grant given to this chapter was used to help provide the small prizes such as gummy body parts, inflatable organs, and eyeball lollipops given to new registrants. This gave potential registrants an incentive to register as organ donors in the state of New York.

In addition, this chapter did outreach by organizing a follow-up event in the spring of 2016 in which two guest speakers who had benefited from organ donation spoke at the Organ Recipient Panel Event. This helped to further spread awareness about how organ donation can save countless lives. 30 people attended this event, including many non-science majors. The Student Chapter Outreach Grant made it possible to include lunch at the panel which served as a key incentive to draw more attendees to this panel discussion. This chapter hopes to continue their participation in organ donor registration events like “Give Us Your Organs.”

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 Marymount photo 1 

 ASBMB Student Chapter members Robert Ashley, Patricia Miraflor, Rosie Wenrich, and Elevit Perez host Marymount Manhattan College’s tenth annual “Give Us You Organs” Event. 
 Marymount photo 2

ASBMB Student Chapter members Patricia Miraflor, Emma Kamen, Kaitlin Ross, Alexis Valera and Zane Younger help a donor sign up for the New York organ donor registry.