How to Apply


Please include the following items in your application ( see sample applications ):

Cover page (limit 1 page)

Please list:

  1. Name of ASBMB Student Chapter
  2. Name and contact information of faculty sponsor
  3. Name and contact information of all undergraduate organizers for the program/project

Program description (limit 2 pages)


  • A detailed description of your program that includes well-defined goals and objectives
  • Describe what need your program is filling at your institution and/or in your local community
  • Activity timeline
  • Brief description of how you plan to continue this outreach program moving forward

Target audience

  • Description of your intended target audience, highlighting why you are choosing to focus on this group
  • Predicted number of participants in your program


  • Description of how you will measure the impact and effectiveness of your program

* For assistance in constructing evaluation metrics, consult the Center for Advancement of Informal Science Education evaluation database.


  • List of any other funding sources
  • List of previous outreach activities sponsored by your chapter (if any)

Costs (limit 1 page)

Please submit a budget for your proposal, making sure to include:

  1. Total funds requested
  2. Itemized list of requested funds
    • Funds must be used for future activities and cannot be supplied as reimbursement for past events
  3. Description of how funds will be used
    • We strongly encourage the budget be used for the purchase of supplies and kits for outreach activities. If you are requesting funds for food or snacks, please indicate how this would be integral/beneficial to the program.

Financial details

The items below are REQUIRED and must be submitted with your application:

  • Institutional W9 form (signed by the appropriate official)
    • Can either be the college/university or the club itself
  • Name and mailing address for the institutional grant official


Completed forms should be sent to

Sample Applications