ASBMB Science Fair Webinar

On Wednesday March 1 at 2 PM EST, ASBMB hosted a live discussion of science fairs with a diverse panel of science fair managers, judges and participants. We discussed how ASBMB members can get involved with their local fair, including opportunities for judging and presenting the ASBMB Science Fair award. We also heared from a number of recent science fair participants, who will talk about what the experience meant to them and how it impacted their scientific careers. The link will redirect to YouTube.  



Fair Organizers

  • Henry Disston, President and Executive Director, Delaware Valley Science Fairs
  • Sheila Romine, Director of Communications and Mentorship, Delaware Valley Science Fairs

Fair Judges/Mentors

  • Karen Duffy, Janssen Biotech
  • Ray Sweet, independent consultant

Past student participants

  • Ananya Joshi, Princeton University
  • Andrew Romine, The Scripps Research Institute