EB 2014

The Public Outreach Committee again hosted several outreach-themed events at the 2014 Experimental Biology meeting, held in San Diego, CA.

The committee sponsored an outreach-themed poster session that featured presentations from several different programs and individuals.

 Geoff poster  Celeste- poster

The committee also held a science communication workshop. Titled “You Can’t Say That on Television (or to Congress, or to students)," the workshop focused on helping attendees learn how to communicate their science to a variety of different audiences.

EB Science Cafe 2014-2

Finally, the committee partnered with the Reuben H. Fleet Science Center to host a science cafe, "Game Changer: How a Computer Game Can Turn You Into a Real-Life Hero." Presented by University of Washington student Brian Koepnick, the cafe provided a hands-on introduction to the science-themed video game FoldIt.


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