EB 2012

In its first year of existence, the Public Outreach Committee worked with the San Diego Biotechnology Network to sponsor an informal "Tweetup" at the 2012 Experimental Biology meeting in San Diego, CA. The more than 200 attendees were a mix of scientists, bloggers, and science enthusiasts. 

EB2012 Tweetup-1

The theme of the event was science communication, and attendees were encouraged to actively network and avoid scientifically-themed talk. To help focus conversations, attendees played the “Science Communication Bingo” game, in which players received bingo cards listing different types of people who would be present. The first player to turn in their card with a line completed received a prize.

EB2012 Tweetup-2Several attendees actually completed their bingo cards,  which required them to interact with several non-scientists. Furthermore, a majority of conversations did in fact seem to focus on the theme of science  communication. 

Attendees expressed appreciation of the event serving as a fun alternative to the usual  conference-based networking events. One attendee (Danielle Lee) even brought a  collection of science crafts that she had with her.