Hannah Alexander


Hannah Alexander


University of Missouri

Adjunct Associate Professor

Contact Information:
University of Missouri
303 Tucker Hall
Columbia, MO 65211
Tel: 573-529-4020

Hannah earned a B.S., an M.Sc. and a High School Science Teaching degree from the Hebrew University, and a Ph.D. from the University of Missouri. She has been a research scientist for 37 years, working at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, Tufts Medical School and The Scripps Research Institute. For the past 20 years, Hannah has been at the University of Missouri, studying the molecular basis of resistance to anticancer drugs. Hannah received a Science Teaching degree form the Hebrew University, Jerusalem, and has also taught high school biology. Believing that increased public understanding of science will result in increased trust in, and support of science, Hannah is now concentrating on science outreach and interaction with the community, and has developed programs to train students to communicate science to lay adult audiences, most prominently the "Science and Me" program.

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About "Science and Me"

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Science and Me is a student driven community outreach program, aimed to bring science to the larger adult community. The program was initiated in 2008 at the Division of Biological Sciences, the University of Missouri, Columbia, and is currently also offered at Westminster College, Fulton, Missouri. The emphasis of the program is to train students to communicate science to lay adult audiences. Through a semester long course named “Science outreach: Public Understanding of Science”, students studying education or science generate a series of lay-language presentations about different science related issues, emphasizing the role of basic scientific research in these issues. After extensive refinements, the presentations are delivered to adult audiences in the community, including senior citizens in assisted living facilities, the public library, or different groups at the university. Presentations have met with tremendous responses from the audiences.  

The program was featured in the December 2011 issue of ASBMB Today