• Transforming Undergraduate Education in the Molecular Life Sciences

    July 25–28, 2019, University of the Incarnate Word, San Antonio

Transforming Undergraduate Education in the Molecular Life Sciences

Organized by: Rachell Booth, University of the Incarnate Word; Betsy Leverett, University of the Incarnate Word; Debra Martin, Saint Mary's University of Minnesota 


This educational symposium for the molecular life sciences is a must attend for established, early-career and future teaching faculty in all fields related to biochemistry and molecular biology. The program will provide evidence-based insight into the science of learning while exploring teaching strategies and instructional methods that improve student learning and promote success in biochemistry and molecular biology curricula.

The meeting program includes special topic lectures, workshops to share and learn, as well as formal and informal networking opportunities. Attendees can submit abstracts to share classroom activities or teaching related studies in any of three formats: (i) a traditional poster presentation, (ii) a podium presentation, and (iii) a Catalyst Conversation, in which classroom activities are presented to a small group of attendees for immediate feedback.

Attendees are encouraged to submit their work in one or more formats for maximum peer review during this highly interactive and inspirational meeting.

This meeting is also a great way for attendees to focus on goal-setting and networking with other professional educators by developing individual instructional goals as the meeting progresses and finalizing an action plan to support their goals as part of the final working session; and developing a network of colleagues that can support teaching and curriculum development through breakout sessions with other participants that have similar interests.

In an effort to customize the program to attendee interests in breakout sessions and mealtime working groups, a survey will be administered prior to the meeting. Each attendee is strongly encouraged to participate in the pre-meeting survey so that their interests can be aligned with the program offerings.

Important dates

June 4 June 12: Abstract submission deadline extended
June 12  June 26 : Registration deadline extended


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