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Joslin Diabetes Center at Harvard University: Postdocs

Posted October 1 | Lipid Research Division member and Avanti Award winner Jean Schaffer, whose lab recently moved to Boston, is recruiting for postdoctoral researchers to study metabolic regulation and metabolic disease complications. Read the full posting here.

University of North Texas – Two Postdocs in Plant Lipids

Posted August 12 | Anapaula Alonso, an associate professor at the University of North Texas Biodiscovery Institute, is seeking two postdoctoral researchers to study lipid storage and stability in pennycress seeds for a DOE-supported biofuels project. Read the full job posting here.

Lipidomics Technical Specialist

Posted July 26 | The LIPID MAPS consortium is recruiting a lipidomics technical specialist as part of MAP/UK, a partnership with the UK’s National Phenome Centre and the Phenome Centre Birmingham. To find out more, contact Valerie O’Donnell at O-DonnellVB at

Texas A&M University: Postdoc

Posted June 27 | The Chapkin Laboratory at Texas A&M University seeks a motivated postdoctoral candidate to study environmental modulation of membrane biology and its impact on chronic disease risk. Active projects in the lab include:

  • Effects of cancer on proteolipid nanoclustering in model membranes and in vivo (transgenic Drosophila, mouse and human organoid) models.
  • Effects of environmental agents on gut stem cell biology and cancer risk.
  • Systems biology and predictive modeling of cell signaling responses.

To apply, submit your CV and a statement of current interests to Dr. Robert Chapkin, .

Open positions in lipidomics method development

Posted May 17 | The ASBMB Careers Blog has rounded up half a dozen companies now hiring analytical chemists and others with an interest in lipidomics. Click here to learn more.