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Lipidomics Technical Specialist

Posted July 26 | The LIPID MAPS consortium is recruiting a lipidomics technical specialist as part of MAP/UK, a partnership with the UK’s National Phenome Centre and the Phenome Centre Birmingham. To find out more, contact Valerie O’Donnell at O-DonnellVB at

Texas A&M University: Postdoc

Posted June 27 | The Chapkin Laboratory at Texas A&M University seeks a motivated postdoctoral candidate to study environmental modulation of membrane biology and its impact on chronic disease risk. Active projects in the lab include:

  • Effects of cancer on proteolipid nanoclustering in model membranes and in vivo (transgenic Drosophila, mouse and human organoid) models.
  • Effects of environmental agents on gut stem cell biology and cancer risk.
  • Systems biology and predictive modeling of cell signaling responses.

To apply, submit your CV and a statement of current interests to Dr. Robert Chapkin, .

Open positions in lipidomics method development

Posted May 17 | The ASBMB Careers Blog has rounded up half a dozen companies now hiring analytical chemists and others with an interest in lipidomics. Click here to learn more.

University of Wisconsin – Madison: Professor

Posted April 2 | The Wisconsin Institute for Discovery (WID) at the University of Wisconsin-Madison has a rewarding opportunity for a tenure track faculty position to study ‘molecules in motion’ at the intersection of metabolism and human health. We seek a chemist/biochemist/chemical biologist who studies metabolites within cells or organisms in a time-resolved manner. New advances in technology and computational modeling enable understanding of small molecule movement and metabolism through complex pathways in unprecedented detail, creating the field of “fluxomics”. A hire in the field of metabolic flux would provide ‘glue’ among research groups of diverse interests in WID, would provide a natural bridge with the Morgridge Institute, and would coalesce major interest in fluxomics on the UW campus. Learn more here.