Awards and Grants

To announce an award or RFP to Lipid Research Division members, please email us at

What are your computational/bioinformatics needs?

If you’re an investigator supported by NIDDK and you’d like to see more bioinformatics or computational support for your research, consider responding to this request for information by October 15, 2019.

Catalyst Award in Diabetes, Endocrinology and Metabolic Disease

Applications for this award, intended “to support investigators developing bold, innovative and often risky approaches to address significant and intractable problems in diabetes, endocrinology and metabolic disease research” — including in lipid-related areas such as rare metabolic diseases, lipodystrophy and adipose tissue biology–are due November 3, 2019. Learn more here.

Lipid Signaling in Longevity

This Request for Proposals from the National Institute on Aging calls for studies “to enhance our understanding of mechanistic links connecting lipid metabolism and signaling to aging and longevity regulation.” The deadline to submit a letter of intent is January 3, 2020. Read more.

Metabolic changes in aging and Alzheimer’s disease

One of the many biochemical changes associated with aging is a change in lipid metabolism. This request for proposals from the NIA calls for research into changing insulin regulation as well as metabolomic or lipidomic studies that might identify possible new targets for Alzheimer’s disease. The deadline is rolling, but the RFP expires May 8, 2020.