A slot for ASBMB’s Hill Day just became available!


Join us on April 12 for the ASBMB’s annual Hill Day as a virtual participant!

This Thursday, instead of running across the Capitol, join our advocacy efforts by tweeting at your senators and representative using #ASBMBHIllDAY.  

Every year, the ASBMB brings trainees from across the country to meet with congressional leaders to advocate for policies that promote U.S. research and foster the future of the nation’s scientific enterprise.   

This year we want you to amplify our message by making #ASBMBHILLDAY a trending topic on Twitter.  We’re encouraging virtual participants to tweet directly at their legislators to let them know just how important it is to provide robust support for science!

Here are a couple of ways that you can participate in the ASBMB’s virtual hill day:

  • 1.Retweet this year’s on-site Hill Day participants to show your support for their meetings with representatives! You also can quote tweet and tag lawmakers or reply to share your thoughts with them directly.
    • a.Follow ASBMB’s public affairs team (@bwcorb, @dpham20, @anporter_, @ASBMB) and the hashtag #ASBMBHillDay for updates on the day!
  • 2.Tweet your lawmakers directly about how support for research benefits you, your community and the nation.

Identify your representative’s Twitter handle by clicking here.

Not sure who your representative is?  Find out here.  


Need ideas for what to tweet?  Copy and paste the sample tweets below and insert your lawmakers’ Twitter handles.


  • @[Insert lawmaker’s handle] the @NIH, @NSF and @DOEScience gives rise to global influence, #American ingenuity, improved quality of life, education #innovation, and a stronger #economy #ASBMBHillDay
  • Thank you, @[Insert lawmaker’s handle], for supporting life science research funded by the @NIH, @NSF and @DOEScience! #ASBMBHillDay
  • @[Insert lawmaker’s handle]: Did you know that research into the most basic processes of biology can have the most profound effects in multiple diseases? #CRISPR is a prime example of how research into basic mechanisms of bacteria is literally changing the world #ASBMBHillDay

Economic impact

  • @[Insert lawmaker’s handle]: Investments in research benefits the American economy. For every $1 increase of research funding, there is an $8.38 industry investment. #fundscience #ASBMBHillDay
  • @[Insert lawmaker’s handle]: Almost 85% of the @NIH budget goes to support individual investigators in academia, industry and the public sector #ASBMBHillDay


  • @[Insert lawmaker’s handle], did you know that 38,466 patents were developed with DOE-funded research? #innovationatwork #scienceinnovates #ASBMBHillDay
  • @[Insert lawmaker’s handle], more than 230 @NobelPrize winners received @NSF funding during their careers. #ScienceInnovates #InnovationAtWork #ASBMBHillDay


  • @[Insert lawmaker’s handle]: All 210 @US_FDA approved drugs from 2010-2016 used @NIH funded studies! Yes, 100% of all recent new drugs were backed by @NIH-funded research. #ResearchSavesLives #FundScience #ASBMBHillDay
  • @[Insert lawmaker’s handle]: Sustained funding for #lifescience research is key to finding solutions to the #opioidcrisis, deadly #influenza outbreaks, #cancer, and global epidemics like #Ebola and #Zika. #FundScience #ASBMBHillDay
  • @[Insert lawmaker’s handle]: 633,842 Americans died from #heartdisease, 595,930 Americans died from #cancer, and 155,041 died from respiratory diseases in 2016, according to @CDCgov. Supporting #lifescience research can reduce these numbers with novel treatments and preventative strategies #ASBMBHillDay