Proposal Submission

The mission of the ASBMB symposia program is to provide a specific or underrepresented scientific community an opportunity to present unique, cutting-edge science mixed with active networking opportunities.

A primary focus of ASBMB's symposia is the creation of a nurturing environment for our future scientists, with opportunities to highlight the work of students and young investigators on a scale not traditionally available in many other national meetings.

Ten invited speakers, whose name recognition will help attract volunteered abstract submissions, serve to anchor a typical program. To encourage and support scientists and scholars at all stages of their careers, the majority of the talks are selected from volunteered abstracts. 

The ASBMB symposia program strives to achieve a well-respected reputation amongst the membership and within the larger scientific community based on the quality of organizers, presenters, and scientific programming, as well as to provide an excellent overall attendee experience. Meeting attendees typically consist of investigators at all career levels, including graduate students, postdoctoral researchers, junior and senior faculty, and industry professionals.

A typical meeting program runs two full and two half days: 

  • Thursday: attendee arrivals and an opening lecture/session in the evening.
  • Friday and Saturday: oral and posters sessions. One afternoon of free time is recommended.
  • Sunday: a morning session concluding by noon and attendee departures. 

Planning a symposium is a collaborative endeavor, with the symposium organizers and the ASBMB Meetings Office contributing their respective expertise to the process. Each stakeholder has responsibilities which contribute to the symposium's success.

Symposium organizers are responsible for designing the program, inviting speakers, recruiting volunteered abstracts and registrants, and raising supplemental funds to off-set meeting-related expenses not typically covered in the registration rates, such as poster awards, receptions, or other organized activities.

ASBMB will guide the planning process and provide full meeting management services to include accounting, site selection, logistics (pre-planning and onsite), marketing and communications, including hosting of the registration and abstract submission systems and meeting website.

ASBMB will provide a meeting registration conference package to cover costs related to the proposal solicitation, venue site preparation, speaker travel expenses and other costs associated with initiating the meeting. The ASBMB office will set the registration fees in order to recover all expenses associated with the meeting

The ASBMB Symposium Organizer Guidelines, provided to organizers when a proposal is approved, expands upon the roles and responsibilities of each party.

2021 call for symposia proposals

  • Proposal submission deadline: Dec. 31, 2019.
  • All organizers (2-3 maximum) must be ASBMB members in good standing.
  • Proposals submitted by the Dec. 31, 2019, deadline will be considered for programming in 2021.
  • All proposals must use the current ASBMB proposal template: 2021 ASBMB Symposium Proposal Template (Word .docx file).
  • The ASBMB Meetings Office will communicate proposal decisions in the first quarter of 2020, following proposal review by the ASBMB Meetings Committee.
  • Upon approval of a symposium proposal, the ASBMB Meetings Office will send all organizers a copy of the current ASBMB Symposium Organizer Guidelines document and individual agreement letters. The guidelines must be reviewed by all organizers prior to signing the agreement letters.
  • Once all signed agreement letters are returned, the ASBMB Meetings Office will schedule an initial planning call to review the steps and schedule of the symposium planning process.
  • Submission of a proposal is not a guarantee of approval.
  • Submit proposals and organizer CVs to: