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November 2016

Cover of the current issue of ASBMB Today

Howard K. Schachman (1918 – 2016)

The odyssey of autophagy

Tips for getting a career-development award



ASBMB Today December 2016

The cover story for this issue is about autophagy. John Arnst, ASBMB’s science writer, describes how Yoshinori Ohsumi’s work on the process, for which he won this year’s Nobel Prize in physiology or medicine, has opened up new avenues of investigation in cell and molecular biology. There is also a retrospective about Howard K. Schachman, a renowned biochemist and a leader in science policy. As always, the magazine offers a variety of stories, such as journal news, member updates and perspectives.

ASBMB Today November 2016

The cover story for this issue, written by John Arnst, details the pitfalls in trying to establish a baseline testosterone level in elite women athletes. There also is a special section that describes all the exciting programming scheduled for the next ASBMB annual meeting. The abstract submission deadline for the meeting is Nov. 17. As always, the magazine offers a variety of stories, such as journal news, member updates and essays.

Journal News

Submit to ASBMB journals directly from bioRxivASBMB journals always have accepted manuscripts previously posted on preprint servers. Now, authors can submit to bioRxiv and an ASBMB journal simultaneously.
JBC unveils Overleaf templateThe ASBMB, publisher of The Journal of Biological Chemistry, has partnered with  Overleaf, the free, collaborative cloud-based writing and reviewing tool, to make the submission process simpler for JBC authors.

Member News

Career video series

The ASBMB kicked off a video series of experts discussing their paths to different careers as partof our career resources collection . In one, Robert To, Ph.D., of Bayer Healthcare describes his journey from research to regulation. Watch the video

Q&A with Aziz SancarCheck out our interview with Aziz Sancar at the University of North Carolina School of Medicine, who received part of the 2015 Nobel Prize in chemistry.
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