Published September 01 2019

Dear postdocs,

National Postdoc Appreciation Week is Sept. 16–20 — a time to celebrate postdocs and their immeasurable contributions to the scientific community.

Here’s what we have planned at the ASBMB:

  • Membership deals for new and existing early-career members
  • Daily coffee breaks: Join us on Twitter at 1 p.m. for the chance to win a cup of coffee on us!
  • Thank-you shout-outs: Email us with photos and a message for your postdocs. We’ll share it on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!
  • Webinar on Sept. 17: Learn more on the ASBMB webinars page.
  • Twitter chat on Sept. 19 (use #ASBMBLovesPostdocs)

Thank you and happy National Postdoc Appreciation Week!

With love from the ASBMB


13 ways to thank postdocs

  1. 1. Appreciation dinner (University of California, Davis)
  2. 2. Pet-a-dog happiness therapy and juice bar (Stanford University)
  3. 3. Postdoc research symposium and awards (University of Wisconsin−Madison)
  4. 4. Yoga and Zumba(University of Michigan)
  5. 5. Cookout (University of North Carolina)
  6. 6. Trivia (Van Andel Institute)
  7. 7. Ice cream social (National Institutes of Health)
  8. 8. Photo booth for professional headshots (NIH)
  9. 9. Donut social (NIH)
  10. 10. Pizza party and networking (Queen’s University Belfast)
  11. 11. Barbecue and bake-off(University of Manchester)
  12. 12. Health screenings (Washington University in St. Louis)
  13. 13. Career counseling and professional development (American Association for Cancer Research)

Special thanks to all those who responded on Twitter for contributing to the list above.

— Allison Frick