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Working for the government

5/19/2017 1:32:11 PM

Governmental research agencies can seem a bit like an alphabet soup of highly specialized research groups: the NIH, NIAID, NHLBI, CDC, HHS and more! Once you get past the acronyms, you’ll learn that there’s a breathtaking variety of research being conducted at our nation’s scientific research facilities. From basic science to patient-driven clinical research, you’ll be able to find something that interests you. To keep it simple, this week’s job listings focus on those available from the NIH and CDC – two of the top choices for many with biochemistry-related backgrounds.

The National Institutes of Health (NIH) is located in Bethesda, Md. The NIH funds all manner of medical research, both at a basic science level and at the translational or clinical level. Its mission is to “enhance health, lengthen life, and reduce illness and disability” among Americans.

The National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease (Bethesda, Md.) seeks a staff clinician for its laboratory of clinical infectious diseases. This position, focused on mycology, will use “the most current immunologic and statistical genetic methods to understand the human response to fungal pathogens.” Working collaboratively with others in the group, the clinician will participate in designing patient-centered research protocols as well as analyzing data, disseminating results, and mentoring junior members of the group. Requires an M.D. or M.D./Ph.D.. Board eligibility in infectious disease preferred.

The NIH, together with the Lasker Foundation, seeks applications for the 2017 Lasker Clinical Research Scholars program. These scholars receive five to seven years of financial support to conduct research for the NIH Intramural Research Program, followed by an additional three years of support at an extramural research institution or continued support at the NIH Intramural Research Program. These scholars should be “exceptional clinical researchers in the early stages of their careers.” Requires a clinical doctoral degree (M.D., M.D./Ph.D., D.O., D.D.S., D.M.D., R.N./Ph.D. or equivalent) and a professional license to practice in the United States; completion of a post-residency clinical fellowship and demonstration of patient-oriented research preferred. Applications are due by Friday, Aug. 25.

The National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute (Bethesda, Md.) seeks a postdoctoral researcher with an interest in molecular immunology. The Lab of Molecular Immunology focuses on the cytokines that share the common cytokine receptor gamma chain, as mutations in this gene result in X-linked severe combined immunodeficiency in humans. This postdoctoral researcher should have received a Ph.D. and/or an M.D. degree, should possess a “reasonable level of independence,” and should have experience in immunology and/or molecular biology research.

The National Cancer Institute (Bethesda, Md.) Clinical Genetics Branch (CGB) seeks a physician to serve as a staff clinician. This staff clinician will assist with the CGB mission to “advance the understanding of the molecular pathogenesis of cancer and to translate this knowledge into effective, evidence-based medical management strategies.” This will include analyzing biological specimens collected from clinical studies and using information from these analyses to learn about the etiology of cancers in the specimens. Requires a medical degree and completed clinical fellowship training in genetics, medical hematology-oncology, or pediatric hematology-oncology.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has a number of locations across the country. The CDC is tasked with monitoring and promoting good public health. It monitors potential public health threats, studies emerging diseases, and works with both domestic and international partners to implement public health studies and programs.

The CDC seeks a biologist in Atlanta. This position entails providing scientific advice, performing laboratory work, sharing health-related informational materials, designing and implementing studies, analyzing the impact of scientific issues to the public health community, and communicating results in a variety of venues (conferences, journals, etc.). Requires a bachelor’s degree in the sciences and at least one year of specialized experience related to the activities described above.

The CDC seeks a supervisory research medical officer in Morgantown, W.V. This officer will provide expertise on occupational respiratory diseases, oversee related research programs, conduct research activities, and supervise other researchers and technicians. Requires an M.D. or D.O. degree and a completed residency training program.

The CDC seeks a health scientist in New York City. This scientist will consult on health programs while conducting research aimed at monitoring public-health issues and their impact on the community at large. The scientist will analyze data and use statistics to answer questions of central importance to the CDC’s mission. Requires a four-year degree and at least one year of specialized experience in the field of public health research.

The CDC seeks epidemiologists for various locations. These positions require managing projects related to epidemiology, representing the CDC at various U.S. embassies, collecting and evaluating data, doing quality-control checks of collection and data-analysis methods, overseeing epidemiological work conducted by colleagues, serving as an expert in epidemiology, and complying with ethical science and human research guidelines. Requires a bachelor’s degree in a related field and at least one year of job-related specialized experience.

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Microbiology jobs for new grads

4/21/2017 2:02:20 PM

As commencement approaches, many soon-to-be grads are going to be flooding the job market. It can get competitive! If you want to up the ante and make sure your application gets to the top of the pile, focus your application materials on a particular skill set. Microbiology skills are commonly learned at the undergraduate level, and this week’s post highlights a number of jobs that are available for recent, entry-level graduates at the bachelor’s and master’s level who possess microbiology skills!

The University of Minnesota–Twin Cities (Minneapolis, Minn.) seeks a microbiology researcher. This researcher will perform molecular biology analyses and prepare reagents in support of the research being conducted by the lab. The researcher will also work with mouse colonies and help perform experiments with the lab’s mice. Requires a bachelor’s degree in microbiology and experience working with mouse colonies.

Pinpoint Pharma (Schaumburg, Ill.) seeks a microbiologist to work in its quality department. This microbiologist will provide testing for  clinical studies (Phase II, III and IV), as well as help to evaluate new pharmaceutical compounds. Specific tasks will include using testing to identify microbial organisms down to the genus/species level, maintaining and calibrating equipment, writing reports of testing results, and complying with quality-control practices. Requires a B.S. or M.S., preferably in microbiology, as well as experience working in a microbiology or pharmaceutical lab.

IHRC Inc. (Atlanta) seeks a microbiologist to help “provide technical and logistic support for testing of clinical and nonclinical specimens in a laboratory setting.” These test results will then be logged into information-management systems. IHRC provides this type of information-management support to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The microbiologist will also help design assays, adhere to quality-control plans, and help maintain lab equipment. Requires a bachelor’s degree in biology, microbiology or a related discipline, as well as experience working in a Biosafety Level 2 facility.

The University of Iowa (Iowa City, Iowa) seeks a research intern “to conduct experimental tests and procedures in a research laboratory using the techniques of biochemistry, microbiology, immunocytochemistry and molecular biology.” This job requires no experience – training will be provided – but does require a baccalaureate degree and an interest in medical research.

BioFire Diagnostics (Salt Lake City, Utah) seeks applicants for two relevant openings!

The first is a research associate I position. Join “a motivated team that supports analytical studies for regulatory submissions of in vitro diagnostic (IVD) products” developed by the company. These analyses will require molecular and microbiology lab work, as well as development of protocols. The research associate also will craft reports to disseminate the results of analyses. Requires general laboratory skills (emphasis on the techniques needed to conduct the analyses); a bachelor’s degree in a related discipline is preferred.

The second opening is for a research associate III, which is a more senior position. This person will conduct all the same tasks described above – and will keep up with the current literature in the field, craft scientific publications, and attend scientific conferences. Requires a master’s degree in molecular biology, microbiology, or a related discipline, as well as training and familiarity with Biosafety Level 2 facilities.

BSI (Minneapolis, Minn.) seeks a microbiologist to provide technical expertise for BSI in its review of medical devices for the European market. BSI is a notified body responsible for evaluating the clinical evidence surrounding a medical device before approving it for sale on the European market. The microbiologist will evaluate the medical device manufacturer’s sterilization and microbiology practices, ensuring compliance with its own quality system as well as international requirements.

Par Pharmaceutical (Rochester, Mich.) seeks a microbiologist who can perform “day-to-day operations within the QA Sterility Assurances group.” This microbiologist will test samples according to specified procedures, review protocols, document and release data, and initiate corrective actions when needed. Requires a B.S. degree in a relevant discipline and two years of experience in a pharmaceutical or comparable environment.

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STEM education and outreach jobs

4/14/2017 3:35:32 PM

Science education and outreach careers are a great way to inspire learning and ensure the bright future of science! You can work with students of all levels, as well as the general public, sharing your love of science with them. You can also create educational materials to bring science education to the masses through textbooks and training materials or coordinate academic programs as an administrator.

McGraw-Hill Education (based remotely, multiple locations in Pennsylvania, Virginia, Ohio, Indiana and Michigan) seeks a curriculum specialist to provide “educational expertise to the sales team and schools for the sale and implementation of a variety of instructional materials/programs and services to private, parochial, and public schools and school districts.” The curriculum specialist will work with customers, delivering sales presentations and holding product meetings with educators. Requires a bachelor’s degree, three years of teaching experience, and strong verbal and written communication skills. Spanish fluency and a master’s degree are highly preferred.

McGraw-Hill Education also seeks a learning specialist (based remotely covering New Jersey, Delaware, the District of Columbia and Maryland). This learning specialist will “improve student, instructor, and institutional outcomes through the use of [McGraw-Hill Education] premium digital products and services.” This will requiring networking and becoming a member of the local education community, helping ensure the digital products are used effectively and correctly by educators, analyzing data of digital material usage, and helping to improve and develop new digital products. Requires a bachelor’s degree or advanced degree in education or educational technology or equivalent work experience with teaching/education.

AmeriCorps (San Jose, Calif.) seeks a K-12 STEM member for its VISTA program that focuses on “eliminating race, class, and gender disparities in STEM.” Working with California State University, the VISTA member will help prepare educators to teach STEM and computer science in an effective and engaging manner, ultimately developing a strong and diverse local workforce near Silicon Valley. Requires a strong background in science, some interest in computer programming, interest in science education, and excellent communication skills.

The University Hospitals Medical Group (Cleveland, Ohio) seeks a neurology academic education coordinator. This coordinator will work with the residency program and medical students to coordinate placement of residents and students at hospitals within the UHMG network. The coordinator also will help recruit residents and manage administrative duties for the resident program. Requires an associate’s degree and one to two years of experience working in an academic setting, preferably with residents.

Amplify is looking for a science specialist (remote work only) to support the sales team and market Amplify’s science education products for K-8 classrooms. Travel up to 60 percent of the time in this fast-paced job that requires connecting with the sales staff to “support strategic customer and prospect meetings by presenting Amplify’s Science solutions and Next Generation Science Standards.” Requires a bachelor’s degree and experience working h K-8 science education as well as the Next Generation Science Standards. Advanced degree preferred.

The Pacific Science Center (Seattle) seeks a performance science educator who “engages directly with guests through our innovative stage, planetarium programs, hands-on workshops, and with our exhibits to create a positive and memorable experience at Pacific Science Center.” This interactive role will allow the educator to creatively deliver accurate science information to guests.

The Pacific Science Center also seeks an interpretive science educator who “creates a positive and memorable experience for guests by sharing hands-on and engaging educational activities with large and small groups as well as individual guests.” These educators help guide discussion of exhibits to foster discovery opportunities, delivering scientifically accurate information on a level that resonates with each guest. Both this position and the one above require great communication skills with guests from diverse ages and backgrounds, a demonstrated enthusiasm for science and education, knowledge and interest in integrative sciences, and current pursuit of a college degree in science or education.

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