• Research Spotlight

  • Shantá D. Hinton, Ph.D.

    S. Hinton smallNovember 1, 2017 --  Shantá D. Hinton is an associate professor of biology at the College of William and Mary in Williamsburg, Virginia. In November's research spotlight, Hinton talks about an early conversation about with her grandfather about snakes and frogs first inspired her interest in science, shares how she turns her failures into motivation and shares the mentoring values that have served her well as a mentee and now a mentor. Read more about Shantá D. Hinton.

    Kelly Chacón, Ph.D.

    K. Chacón smallSeptember 1, 2017 -- Kelly Chacón is an assistant professor of chemistry at Reed College in Portland, Oregon. In September's research spotlight, Chacón talks about her non-traditional path to her current position,  confronts the stigma surrounding mental health in academia, and shares the experiences that fuel her continuing scientific pursuits. Read more about Kelly Chacón.

    Veronica Segarra, Ph.D.

     V. Segarra smallMay 1, 2017 -- Veronica Segarra is an assistant professor of Biology at High Point University, a primarily undergraduate institution in North Carolina. In May's research spotlight, Segarra shares how her graduate school experiences in teaching and outreach inspired her interest in pursuing a career in science that combines bench work, teaching and outreach. Segarra also shares how lessons learned from past failures are instrumental in guiding current pursuits and talks about the inherent requirement of continuing to take risks as an innovative scientist. Read more about Dr. Segarra.

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