Travel award guidelines and instructions

Applications for the 2020 ASBMB annual meeting are closed.

Please read completely before submitting an application.


  • ASBMB membership, active members in good standing — read Membership status section below.
  • An abstract submission, as first author, to an ASBMB designated topic by the Nov. 14, 2019, deadline.
  • Each applicant must be the first/presenting author of a unique, qualifying abstract.
  • Recipients of 2019 travel awards are not eligible to apply for or be considered for the same award in 2020 (concurrent years).

Application criteria

  • One application permitted per applicant.
  • The submitter and the applicant must be the same individual. Advisors should NOT submit on behalf of a student/trainee.
  • All application requirements, criteria, award reporting and/or required event participation are the applicant's responsibility.
  • Failure to fulfill all requirements of the award is grounds for award forfeiture.
  • Limited funding is available for each award/grant category and funding is awarded competitively (exception: Student Chapters Travel Award).
  • Submission of an application is not a guarantee of funding.
  • No more than two travel awards may be awarded to a single lab.
  • Only complete applications, submitted by the application deadline, will be reviewed/considered for funding.
  • Application evaluation feedback is not provided.
  • All award decisions are final.
  • ASBMB travel funding is paid on a reimbursable basis. No support is provided in-kind or onsite at the meeting.

Membership status

ASBMB membership is required to apply for a travel award. Membership status is verified and tagged to the application during the login phase of the travel award application process. Processing of renewals payments and/or new membership applications must be completed a minimum of two business days prior to application submission. Dues must be paid in full for the dues year, Jan–Dec, 2020, prior to application submission.

Supporting documents

  1. Have all required supporting documents ready to upload at time of application submission.
  2. Include applicant's last name and abstract ID number in the upper right corner of every page of all supporting documentation.
  3. All documents must be PDF format. All other file types must be converted to a .pdf file.
  4. Label each file name with applicant last name and document category, example ‘abstract,’ ‘advisor ltr,’ etc.
  5. Do not use hyphens, apostrophes, asterisks, letters with special characters (e.g. à, É, ü), etc. in the document file name. The system will not process these files.

Name supporting document files according to this format: last name_document type e.g.:

  • Armstrong_Abstract.pdf
  • Armstrong_Statement.pdf
  • Armstrong_AdvisorLtr.pdf

System errors

Take a screen shot/capture of the error message to send to tech support. Here are some recommendations to investigate if you get stuck:

  • Check the labels of your supporting document files. Remove apostrophes, hyphens or asterisks or letters with special characters from the file name.
  • Exit the site, clear your browser history/cache and login again. Consider using a different browser or different computer in the lab or try from home.
  • Be patient! The system may respond more slowly during times of heavy traffic or when uploading a large file. Wait for the complete upload of each required document.
  • If you are delayed during the submission process, your session may time out. Login again and start the submission over.
  • If you continue to experience difficulties, please contact with your name, email address, award category, detail of the error you received — a screen shot is preferred with an explanation of what led you to the error, and the browser you are using.