2022 ASBMB Annual Meeting

Early-Career Faculty Award

Applications are no longer being accepted.

The Early-Career Faculty Award will be awarded competitively to assist early-career faculty members presenting research at the ASBMB Annual Meeting/EB 2022.

Awarded applicants will be reimbursed for qualifying travel expenses up to a maximum of $500. Submission of an application is not a guarantee of funding.

Award requirements/eligibility

  • ASBMB Early-career or Regular membership, active members in good standing (processing of renewals payments and/or new membership applications must be completed a minimum of two business days prior to application submission). Dues must be paid in full for the dues year January–December 2022.
  • Applicants must be pre-tenure in a tenure-track assistant professor position.
  • Abstract, successfully submitted, as first author, to an ASBMB designated topic by the Nov. 30, 2021 deadline.
  • Faculty applicants must be the first author of the abstract associated with the award application and unique from any abstract(s) submitted by students.

Participation requirements

Award recipients are required to participate fully in the following activities. Failure to attend the events listed below will result in forfeiture of the travel award.

  • Presentation of submitted abstract during the ASBMB Annual Meeting/EB 2022. Abstract programming notifications will be sent prior to the early regtistration deadline. 

How to apply/supporting documents

Supporting documents must be uploaded as PDF files. Review the award instructions for information on formatting and labeling supporting documents.

  • Abstract — copy of abstract submitted as first/presenting author to an ASBMB topic. You must print and upload a copy of your abstract from the "proof read" step in the abstract submission system with your award application.
  • Research summary — a one-page project summary that focuses on the research goals of your laboratory.
  • Meeting attendance objectives — a one to two page statement explaining your objectives for attending the meeting and describing your plans for achieving these objectives once you return to your institution.
  • Résumé or abbreviated curriculum vitae, two–three pages approximately.
  • Name supporting document files according to this format: last name_document type e.g.:
    • Armstrong_Abstract.pdf
    • Armstrong_Research Summary.pdf
    • Armstrong_Meeting Objectives
    • Armstrong_CV.pdf