2020 ASBMB Annual Meeting

Outreach sessions

The ASBMB Science Outreach and Communication Committee organizes workshops and social events at the annual meeting.

Saturday, April 4

Science outreach poster session

Held during the opening reception, this event will feature science communication and outreach initiatives from all five EB-host societies and the local San Diego community. This event provides a platform to share STEM-related public engagement activities, programs and resources and to network with the entire Experimental Biology community. Find information on how to submit a poster.

Workshop: Constructing your elevator pitch
(Travel awardee career development program)

An elevator pitch is a brief, persuasive speech used to spark interest in your research. Opportunities to put your elevator pitch into action can happen at any moment. How can you be ready with a polished and persuasive pitch? Join members of the ASBMB Science Outreach and Communication Committee as they lead participants through an interactive workshop on how to construct and deliver an elevator pitch. Presenters will discuss tips and real-life examples of approaches to communication and provide opportunities for practice and feedback.

Sunday, April 5

Workshop: Storytelling and the art of giving a great presentation

What’s in a story? The opportunity to form a compelling connection between science and its audience. Storytelling has long been used by journalists and artists to help explain complex ideas to broad audiences. Similarly, forming a narrative about your research will make it more accessible. This interactive session, based on a module from ASBMB’s training course, “The Art of Science Communication”, will offer participants training to better communicate their work.

Monday, April 6

Workshop: Transforming science research into outreach

Many scientists wish to become more involved in science outreach. But, how to get started? Attend this interactive workshop to learn more! Members of the Science Outreach and Communication Committee and an invited speaker will showcase examples of how to turn scientific research projects into outreach activities aimed at diverse audiences. Then, work on your own science outreach project with feedback and suggestions from peers.

Science in a flash: ASBMB student flash talk science communication competition and reception

The “Science in a Flash” competition is not the usual scientific presentation. It is a creative challenge: you have just 3 minutes and one slide. How do you explain your research to a non-expert audience? By capturing the gist of your research and its relevance, you’ll make it accessible to the wider public, which can range from policy makers to family members and K-12 students.