2020 ASBMB Annual Meeting

Abstract topics

During the abstract submission process, you will be required to select one topic that most closely represents the submitted research. To be programmed in an ASBMB session, select one of the topics with a 2000-series number, listed below:

2000 ASBMB Genome Dynamics: DNA Replication, Repair and Recombination
2001 ASBMB DNA Recombination, Structure and Topology
2002 ASBMB CRISPR/genome engineering
2003 ASBMB DNA Polymerases, Telomerase, Replicases and Replisomes
2004 ASBMB DNA Damage and Repair
2010 ASBMB Chromatin Structure, Remodeling and Gene Expression
2011 ASBMB Chromosomes Structure/Dynamics
2012 ASBMB Epigenetic Modifications of DNA and RNA
2013 ASBMB Histone Modifications
2014 ASBMB Transcriptional Mechanisms, Regulation and RNA Polymerases
2015 ASBMB Transcriptomics
2020 ASBMB RNA: Processing, Transport, and Regulatory Mechanisms
2021 ASBMB RNA Polymerases
2022 ASBMB RNA Binding Proteins
2023 ASBMB RNA Structure, Folding and Dynamics
2024 ASBMB Non-coding RNAs
2025 ASBMB CRISPR: Methods and Applications
2026 ASBMB RNA Processing and Editing
2030 ASBMB Protein Synthesis, Structure, Modifications and Interactions
2031 ASBMB Ribosomes
2032 ASBMB Mechanisms and Regulation of Protein Synthesis and Dynamics
2033 ASBMB tRNA and tRNA Synthetases
2034 ASBMB Protein Interactions and Binding
2035 ASBMB Protein Modifications
2036 ASBMB Protein Structure and Biophysics
2037 ASBMB Protein Folding and Chaperones
2038 ASBMB Protein Dynamics and Fluctuations, Turnover and Quality Control
2039 ASBMB Protein Turnover, Misfolding, Aggregation and Degradation
2040 ASBMB Intrinsically Disordered Proteins, Prions and Amyloids
2041 ASBMB Ubiquitin Pathway and Targeting
2042 ASBMB Proteasomes: Structure and Regulation
2043 ASBMB Proteolytic Enzymes and Inhibitors
2050 ASBMB Enzyme Chemistry and Catalysis
2051 ASBMB Biomolecular Catalysis
2052 ASBMB Enzyme Mechanisms, Kinetics and Energetics
2053 ASBMB Structural Dynamics of Enzymes and Multienzyme Complexes
2054 ASBMB Enzyme Regulation and Allosterism
2055 ASBMB Cytochromes P450
2056 ASBMB Enzyme Inhibitors and Drug Design
2060 ASBMB Chemical Biology, Drug Discovery and Bioanalytical Methods
2061 ASBMB Drug Screening and Development
2062 ASBMB Chemical Biology of Natural Products, Nucleic Acids and Small Molecules
2063 ASBMB Chemical Probes, Biosensors and Biomarkers
2064 ASBMB Protein and Peptide Chemistry
2065 ASBMB Protein Engineering and Design
2066 ASBMB Protein-Small Molecule Interactions
2067 ASBMB Bioanalytical and Biophysical Methods
2068 ASBMB Nanotechnology
2069 ASBMB Targeted Therapies and New Targets for Drug Discovery
2070 ASBMB Genomics, Proteomics and Metabolomics
2071 ASBMB Next-generation sequencing
2072 ASBMB Genomics
2073 ASBMB Lipidomics, Pharmacogenomics and Toxicogenomics
2074 ASBMB Proteomics
2075 ASBMB Metabolomics
2076 ASBMB Glycomics
2077 ASBMB Systems Biology and Regulatory Networks
2078 ASBMB Computational Biology and Bioinformatics
2080 ASBMB Signal Transduction and Cellular Regulation
2081 ASBMB Hormone Signaling in Animals and Plants
2082 ASBMB Extracellular Matrix and Cell Signaling
2083 ASBMB G proteins and Small GTPases
2084 ASBMB Protein Kinases
2085 ASBMB Phosphatases
2086 ASBMB Ion Channels
2087 ASBMB Cyclic Nucleotides
2088 ASBMB Lipid Metabolism in Signaling
2089 ASBMB Calcium, Nitric Oxide and other Chemical Regulators
2090 ASBMB Redox Signaling
2091 ASBMB Apoptosis and Cell Death
2092 ASBMB Cell Stress and Xenobiotics
2093 ASBMB Allosteric Control of Signaling Pathways
2094 ASBMB Spatiotemporal Control of Signaling
2095 ASBMB Cell Motility and Migration
2096 ASBMB Tumor Suppressors and Tumor Drivers
2097 ASBMB Cancer Signaling and Therapeutics
2098 ASBMB Neurobiology and Neuronal Signaling
2099 ASBMB Immune Signaling
2100 ASBMB Targeted Therapies and New Targets for Drug Discovery
2110 ASBMB Bacteria and Parasites: From Microbiome to Antibiotics
2111 ASBMB Microbe/Parasite-Host Interactions
2112 ASBMB Antibiotic Resistance
2113 ASBMB Antibacterial Targets and Drug Discovery
2114 ASBMB Microbiomes
2120 ASBMB Metabolism and Bioenergetics
2121 ASBMB Plant Metabolism and Biosynthetic Pathways
2122 ASBMB Energy Metabolism, Oxidative Phosphorylation
2123 ASBMB Oxidative Stress and Reactive Oxygen
2124 ASBMB Mechanisms and Metabolism of Aging
2125 ASBMB Metabolism and Cancer
2126 ASBMB Metabolism and Nutrition
2127 ASBMB Diabetes, Obesity and Metabolic Syndrome
2130 ASBMB Lipids and Membranes
2131 ASBMB Biofuels and Lipid Metabolizing Enzymes
2132 ASBMB Regulation of Lipid Metabolism
2133 ASBMB Lipid Signaling and Eicosanoids
2134 ASBMB Lipids and Inflammation
2135 ASBMB Lipid Storage and Trafficking
2136 ASBMB Membrane Proteins and Lipid Interactions
2137 ASBMB Lipid Domains and Lipid Rafts
2138 ASBMB Membrane Transport and Channels
2140 ASBMB Biochemistry of Organelles and Organelle Trafficking
2141 ASBMB Organelle Structure and Biogenesis and Disease Association
2142 ASBMB Vesicle Trafficking and Cargo
2143 ASBMB Mitochondria in Health and Disease
2144 ASBMB Organelle Dynamics and Dysfunctions
2150 ASBMB Glycans and Glycobiology
2151 ASBMB Glycosyltransferases and Hydrolases
2152 ASBMB Protein-Glycan Interactions
2153 ASBMB Glycan Biotechnology
2154 ASBMB Glycans in Disease
2160 ASBMB Interdisciplinary/Translational Science (SEBM)
2161 ASBMB Mitochondria Dysfunction & Disease (SEBM)
2162 ASBMB Free Radical Biology (SEBM)
2163 ASBMB Structural Biology (SEBM)
2164 ASBMB Sirtuins in Cancer Biology (SEBM)
2165 ASBMB Biotherapies & Immunotherapies (SEBM)
2166 ASBMB Molecular Medicine (SEBM)
2170 ASBMB BMB Education and Professional Development
2171 ASBMB Active Learning in the Molecular Life Sciences
2172 ASBMB Big data in Molecular Life Sciences, student projects, labs and the classroom
2173 ASBMB Institutional change and faculty perspectives about teaching in the life sciences
2174 ASBMB Service learning initiatives, community involvement and context dependent Biochemistry instruction