Spotlight Sessions

clipped DNA

Oral presentations showcasing the most compelling research from submitted abstracts. Spotlight session organizers will select 160+ abstracts for 15 minute presentations, across all ASBMB topic categories ( #2000 ‐ #2324). 

Want your abstract considered for a spotlight talk? You must submit it by Nov. 17. Abstracts submitted after this date will only be considered for a poster presentation. The early bird gets the worm. 

Spotlight Sessions Organizing Committee

Bacteria, Viruses, Microbiome, Infectious Disease, Antibiotics
Michael Federle, University of Illinois at Chicago
Rebecca Page, Brown University

Catalysis, Enzyme Mechanism
David Boehr, Penn State University
Jennifer DuBois, Montana State University
Lana Saleh, New England Biolabs

Cell Signaling, Signal Transduction, Posttranslational Modification
Anton Bennett, Yale University School of Medicine
Jin Zhang, UCSD

Chemical Biology
Rebecca A. Butcher, University of Florida
Yan Jessie Zhang, University of Texas at Austin

Chromatin, Epigenomics
Patrick Grant, University of Virginia, School of Medicine
Brian Strahl, UNC School of Medicine

DNA Replication, Recombination and Repair
Joseph Loparo, Harvard Medical School
Houra Merrikh, University of Washington 

Genomics, Proteomics
Lan Huang, University of California, Irvine
Michael Yaffe, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Lipids and Membranes
Daniel Raben, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine
Arun Radhakrishnan, University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center

Jessica Ellis, Purdue University
Matthew Hirschey, Duke University
Florencia Pascual, University of North Carolina

Plant Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Ana Paula Alonzo, Ohio State University
Edgar Cahoon, University of Nebraska, Lincoln

Protein Folding, Aggregation, Chaperones
Aaron Ring, Yale University
Xin Zhang, Penn State University

Protein Synthesis, Translation, Proteolysis, Degradation
Evette Radisky, Mayo Clinic Cancer Center
Kylie Walters, NCI, NIH 

RNA, Processing, Transcription, Non-coding RNA
Craig Kaplan, Texas A&M University
Jhumku Kohtz, Northwestern University, Feinberg School of Medicine

Sugars, Glycomics, Glycans, Starch
Katharina Ribbeck, Masschusetts Institute of Technology
Kelly Ten Hagen, NIDCR, NIH