New Beginnings-Our First Experience As a New ASBMB Student Chapter

Paige Mullen, University of Wisconsin-Stout

We are a newly formed ASBMB Student Chapter at the University of Wisconsin-Stout. The chapter was created last spring by our previous president, and has made immense progress throughout the year. The mission is to provide to Stout students in the biochemistry and molecular biology program at Stout or for anyone with interests in scientific research with opportunities to network with students and professionals, discover their research passions, and obtain useful experiences that will aid in their personal, academic, and professional endeavors. This chapter is run entirely by undergraduate students, along with the supervision of Dr. Jennifer Grant, a professor at Stout. We offer our members not only the perks of joining the ASBMB community through memberships, but also on campus presentations from student and professors conducting research, resume building workshops, and study sessions for major exams like the GRE. Our chapter has participated in multiple on campus involvement fairs and poster presentations, as well as a STEMM festival in which invited the surrounding community to Stout. Our organization has made connections with other student chapters as well as local businesses and biotech companies. We aim to connect students with their scientific field of interest, cultivate new skills and experiences with hope they move on from Stout prepared and eager to engage in their scientific pursuits.