How to apply for the Student Chapter Outreach Grant

When you are ready to apply, combine the following documents into a single PDF and send to

  • Application (see below).
  • Institutional W-9 form signed by the appropriate official. Can either be the college or university or the club itself.
  • Name and contact information (email, phone and mailing address) for the institutional grant official.

Please use the following format to complete your application:

Cover page (one page max)

  • Name of ASBMB Student Chapter
  • Name and contact information of faculty sponsor.
  • Name and contact information of all undergraduate organizers for the project.

Program overview (250 words max)

  • Summary of the Student Chapter's previous experiences with outreach activities (if any), goals and particulars of the current project, intended audience, intended environment, follow-up plans, etc.

Program justification (two pages max)

  • Detailed description of your project, including all of the proposed activities and a list of goals and objectives. Indicate what need your program is filling at your institution and/or local community. Please be specific.
  • Statement about your intended target audience, highlighting why you are choosing to focus on this group. Predict the number of participants in your program.
  • Statement about your chosen environment (in-person/blended/virtual) and saftey* considerations.
  • Timeline of the proposed activities.
  • Description of how you will measure the impact and effectiveness of your program. Examples of assessment tools are surveys, interviews, focus groups and classroom observations. For assistance in construction evaluation metrics, please consult the Center for Advancement of Informal Science Education, the Online Evaluation Resource Library and/or the NSF handbook for project evaluation .
  • An explanation of how your proposal can lead to sustained activities beyond the duration of the grant. Do you have plans to continue these activities in the future? What aspects of your proposals are sustainable?
*A note on safety for in-person (or blended) outreach: all activities should be executed following the safety protocols and guidelines set by your affiliated department or institution.

Budget (one page max)

  • Total funds requested.
  • Itemized list of requested funds and how they relate to the activities proposed.

Important notes on funds

  • Funds must be used for future activities and cannot be supplied as reimbursement for past events.
  • For both in person and blended outreach plans, we strongly encourage the budget be used for the purchase of laboratory supplies, reagents, kits and other materials for activities that will clearly benefit the participating audience. We extend this to include funding for virtual spaces, such as lighting, cameras, headsets, online services that promote live streaming, subscriptions for illustrating your science (such as Biorender), etc.
  • We discourage the use of funds for refreshments (food, snacks or beverages) for reasons related to food and safety. The primary intent of these funds should focus on the science.
  • Funds for travel or transportation, as well as giveaways or souvenirs, T-shirts, prizes for participants, etc. should not exceed 10% of the total budget.