Award winners

2022 Undergraduate Poster Competition

Category 1: Cell and neurobiology

  • Winner: Joshua Youngs, Brigham Young University
  • Honorable mention: William Shelton, Furman University
  • Honorable mention: Dilean Murillo, University of Texas at El Paso
  • Honorable mention: Ayeisha Colon–Ortiz, University of Puerto Rico–Rio Piedras

L–R: Jeremy Johnson, Ayeisha Colon–Ortiz, Dilean Murillo, Joshua Youngs Kathleen Cornely, Phil Ortiz, Joseph Chihade.

Category 2: Metabolism and molecular basis of disease

  • Winner: Junjie Liu, Vassar College
  • Honorable mention: Vivienne Krueger, St. Olaf College
  • Honorable mention: Angeliz Soto Acevedo, University of Puerto Rico–Mayagüez
  • Honorable mention: Alexandre Sathler, Oregon State University

L–R: Jeremy Johnson, Phil Ortiz, Angeliz Soto Acevedo, Junjie Liu, Vivienne Krueger, Kathleen Cornely, Alexandre Sathler, Joseph Chihade.

Category 3: Microbiology and lipids/membranes

  • Winner: Gabrielle Hernandez, Northeastern University
  • Honorable mention: Dylan Poch, Metropolitan State University of Denver
  • Honorable mention: Ether Dharmesh, Saint Louis University
  • Honorable mention: Annmarie Chang, University of Texas at Austin

L–R: Phil Ortiz, Ether Dharmesh, Gabrielle Hernandez, Dylan Poch, Kathleen Cornely, Annmarie Chang, Jeremy Johnson, Joseph Chihade.

Category 4: Nucleic acids and gene regulation

  • Winner: Julie Lee, Metropolitan State University of Denver
  • Honorable mention: Elizabeth Jones, The College of New Jersey
  • Honorable mention: Kellyn Dolezal, Northern Kentucky University
  • Honorable mention: Virginia McGrath, Trinity University

L–R: Jeremy Johnson, Joseph Chihade, Julie Lee, Kathleen Cornely, Elizabeth Jones, Kellyn Dolezal, Phil Ortiz.

Category 5: Proteins: structure and enzymology

  • Winner: Joel Brown, College of Wooster
  • Honorable mention: McKayla Riney, James Madison University
  • Honorable mention: Robert Beal, College of Wooster
  • Honorable mention: Sam Shepard, University of North Carolina at Asheville

L–R: Phil Ortiz, Jeremy Johnson, Joel Brown, Robert Beal, Kathleen Cornely, McKayla Riney, Sam Shepard, Joseph Chihade.

Category 6: Proteins: structure, folding and degradation

  • Winner: Nina Olds, University of Massachusetts Amherst
  • Honorable mention: Natalie Labbe, Rochester Institute of Technology
  • Honorable mention: Carson Gido, Kansas State University
  • Honorable mention: Owen Dowdall, University of North Carolina at Asheville

L–R: Joseph Chihade, Carson Gido, Natalie Labbe, Kathleen Cornely, Owen Dowdall, Jeremy Johnson, Phil Ortiz.

Undergraduate Poster Competition Committee

  • Kathleen Cornely, Providence College
  • Joseph Chihade, Carleton College
  • Jeremy Johnson, Butler University
  • Phil Ortiz, State University of New York