Career paths

There are many career paths open to biochemists. This career brochure describes the field, career paths within it and the benefits of joining a professional society.

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 A list of possible career paths, including those in research, which can serve as a starting point for your career exploration, is below. Additional information can be found through the links and by conducting informational interviews with scientists in fields of interest to you. Scientists at all stages of their careers should consider completing an Individual Development Plan. The ASBMB does not endorse or assume responsibility for the information posted on any external websites.

Agricultural scientist Beer and wine maker Bio-animator and filmmaker
Bioethicist Bioinformatician Biological and medical illustrator
Biomedical engineer  Biomedical researcher Bioremediator
Biostatistician Biotechnology researcher Bioterrorism expert
Business administrator Clinical researcher   Conservation biologist
Criminal investigator Dentist   Dietician
Entrepreneur Environmental attorney Environmental scientist
Epidemiologist Food safety expert  Forensic scientist
Genetic counselor Government health official Grant administrator
Grant writer  High school teacher Marine biologist
Museum curator Museum exhibit preparer Nurse
Occupational therapist Optometrist   Patent agent
Patent attorney   Pharmaceutical researcher Pharmacist
Physical therapist Physician   Physician's assistant
Professor  Public health administrator Public information officer
Public outreach expert  Regulatory affairs expert Sales and marketing professional
Science policy expert   Science reporter Science writer/editor  
Technology transfer specialist   Toxicologist       Veterinarian  

General information
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