Science in a Flash: the ASBMB virtual flash talk competition

May 6 | 4 p.m. EDT

“Science in a Flash” is not the usual scientific presentation. It is a creative challenge: How do you explain your research to a general audience in just three minutes and one slide?

This virtual competition features talks from selected graduate students and postdocs, who must distill their research down to its essence to make it more accessible to the wider public, including policy makers, family and friends, K-12 students, teachers, and others.

Webinar attendees will play a major role in selecting the best presentation, so join us to learn about a variety of research projects and to vote for your favorite.

Flash talks

Moderator: Christina Marvin, Wisconsin Institute for Discovery

One drug many bugs: How an old alcohol-abuse drug might save us from deadly global parasites
Swagata Ghosh, University of Virginia

Now is the winter of our cellular content: How studying RNA shape can help us weather cancer
Emily McFadden, Duke University

Understanding the mechanics of barley yellow dwarf virus
Paul Powell, Hunter College

Dissecting the cellular control of septin organization in a global cereal killer
Rinalda Proko, University of Arkansas

Modification of the endoplasmic reticulum translocon impairs protein translocation
Kyle Richards, Ball State University

MARCHing against cholesterol
Nicola Scott, University of New South Wales

Cytoskeleton targeting: 'best-kept secret' in breast cancer fight
Pooja Sharma, The Catholic University of America

Inhibition of TOR in Chlamydomonas reinhardtii leads to rapid cysteine oxidation reflecting sustained physiological changes
Amanda Smythers, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Science in a Flash: the ASBMB virtual flash talk competition image