March 2013

Getting to the root of the sedative effects of valerian

In her latest Nature’s Pathways, Shannadora Hollis explores researchers’ ongoing efforts to understand and realize the clinical potential of plant products, telling of the history, biochemical origins and continued chemical studies of valerian.


Tiffany Oliver

In this month’s Q&A, Tiffany Oliver at Spelman College talks about how the Minority Access to Research Careers program and practicing grantsmanship at the predoctoral and postdoctoral levels influenced the trajectory of her career. She offers this bit of wisdom to young people considering careers in science: “My persistence has gotten me much further in life than my intellect. So my advice is to keep pressing on: Even when your knowledge fails you, persistence will kick in and help you achieve your goals.”


In other news

This news roundup was compiled by ASBMB Today contributor Teodora Donisan. Send links of interest to for possible inclusion in future issues.

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