November 2012

Dimensions of diversity

In his column this month, Jeremy Berg writes about why diversity in the American scientific workforce matters and about the benefits of a diverse workforce to individuals, institutions, the research enterprise and the nation.


The ASBMB message on Capitol Hill and beyond

Find out how participants took their newfound knowledge and excitement for advocacy home to their family, friends and colleagues.


The 100 Meetings Challenge

Hear from ASBMB members who met with their U.S. senators and congressional representatives in their home districts during the summer recess.


Mayday! Mayday!

ASBMB Public Affairs Director Ben Corb explains just how bad the cuts to federal funding for science might be and asks for your help in steadying the ship.


Member update

Read about members on the move — onward and upward. Send your news of promotions, awards and activities to


ASBMB becomes the U.S. adhering body to IUBMB

This fall, scientists from the international biochemistry and molecular biology community gathered in Spain for the 22nd International Union of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Congress, at which the American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology was made the U.S. adhering body of the IUBMB and former ASBMB President Gregory Petsko became president of the IUBMB. Petsko was elected three years ago and served as president-elect under President Angelo Azzi until September, when his own three-year term began.


George F. Cahill Jr. (1927—2012)

Richard W. Hanson writes about George F. Cahill Jr., "one of the most imaginative scientists ever to have graced the field of metabolism."


Annemarie Weber (1923—2012)

Clara Franzini–Armstrong writes about Annemarie Weber, "a major contributor to the renaissance of muscle biology research in the 1950s to 1970s, when the components of the contractile machinery were identified; novel views of muscle contraction and regulation were elucidated; and principles of energy transduction, motility and intracellular signaling common to all cells were revealed."

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