October 2012

Being clear about transparency

ASBMB President Jeremy Berg takes us on a personal and professional journey illustrating the need for and benefits of transparent administration and government.


In case you missed it

Find out how presidential candidates Barack Obama and Mitt Romney responded to a series of science debate questions.


Introducing myIDP: an interactive, online career-planning tool for scientists

Jennifer A. Hobin from FASEB’s Office of Public Affairs introduces us to myDIP, an online tool designed to help graduate students and postdocs in the sciences create step-by-step plans for identifying and reaching their career goals — whatever they may be.


Member update

Included here are Lasker Foundation honors for James Spudich of the Stanford University School of Medicine, Ronald Vale of the University of California, San Francisco, and Donald Brown of the Carnegie Institution for Science in Baltimore, as well as the announcement of sponsored lectureships on behalf of the Journal of Lipid Research and the journal Molecular & Cellular Proteomics.


Two more Tabor young investigators

Here we take a look at two more honorees for this year’s Journal of Biological Chemistry/Herb Tabor Young Investigator Awards. One is a doctoral student concentrating on T-cell–mediated drug-hypersensitivity reactions, and the other is a postdoctoral fellow working on muscular dystrophy and other triplet-repeat expansion disorders.


ASBMB young scientists head to Capitol Hill

On Sept. 11, 30 American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology members conducted more than 70 meetings and met with legislators from 26 states to advocate for increased funding for biomedical research.

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