September 2012

The expanding multiverse of the scientific community: new media for communication

Science blogger and social media maven Biochem Belle contributes an essay about how online communication is changing the way we do science — by providing immediate critique and support, giving wallflowers the virtual podium and connecting researchers who otherwise might never have met.


From horse stingers to courtship and cuckoldry

James Hazzard of the University of Arizona says Hal White’s latest book about dragonfies and damselflies on the Delmarva Peninsula "reminds us of the first principles we learned in traditional biology courses many years ago and instills in us the desire to learn more about the living things about which we have little knowledge."


ASBMB Today Essay Series: Derailed But Undeterred

Logo for Derailed But Undeterred Essay SeriesASBMB Today is seeking personal, first-person essays for a special series speaking to the resilience required for success in science. We hope these essays will impart emotion and insight into how scientists endured trials and tribulations, both uncommon and widespread.

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