September 2012

Insights into the regulation of phosphatidate phosphatase activity and lipid homeostasis have come to light through studies with yeast

Gil-Soo Han and George M. Carman of Rutgers University contribute this month's Lipid News column.


Science gets the interview, but you get the job

Melissa Starovasnik of the Genentech research organization gives advice to those seeking industry work. One tip: "Many candidates have mistakenly confessed during interviews for research positions that they are 'more interested in the business side or management.' If that is true of you, then you should not be pursuing research positions. We indeed conduct rigorous experimental science in industry!"


HOPES seed-grants program to enhance K–12 education in STEM: an update

Regina Stevens-Truss offers an update on the ASBMB Hands-on Opportunities to Promote Engagement in Science program. She writes, in part, "The results reported by the first round of grant awardees and the newly granted projects are exciting and encouraging."


Sidebar: Evaluating the 2011 HOPES projects

Evaluation and reporting play important roles in the HOPES program. Find out how the first round of grant winners assessed their projects' results.


Service is in our best self-interest

Thomas Baldwin from the the University of California, Riverside, says that university administrators need to take a closer look and seek out scientists truly engaged in service to the larger community.


Implementing ‘Vision and Change’

The University of Richmond’s J. Ellis Bell provides an update on the progress of ASBMB’s five-year project for developing new guidelines for undergraduate biology education.


A pioneer in cytochrome P450 research

ASBMB Today contributor Aditi Das reports on a new collection of three Classics articles in The Journal of Biological Chemistry featuring the contributions of F. Peter Guengerich to the fields of drug development and toxicology through his pioneering studies of the cytochrome P450 enzymes.


Thematic series on circular proteins

ASBMB Today contributor Diedre Ribbens writes about new thematic minireview series in The Journal of Biological Chemistry that highlights circular proteins and the fascinating roles they play in all manner of organisms.


Updates from the JLR

The Journal of Lipid Research's managing editor, Mary L. Chang, writes about a paper focusing on sleep apnea-related atherosclerosis and a new thematic series on cardiometabolic diseases in the September issue of the journal.


How human milk nurtures the gut microbiome

ASBMB Today science writer Rajendrani Mukhopadhyay reports on an article in Molecular & Cellular Proteomics that sheds light on complex milk glycoproteins that may help in the way breast milk protects a baby’s gut microbiome.

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