July 2012

Meet ASBMB’s public outreach coordinator, Geoff Hunt

Geoff Hunt was ASBMB’s science policy fellow last year. Today he helps the society and its members develop tools for keeping up with the sometimes maddening pace of scientific communications. Pumtiwitt McCarthy offers us a closer look at the society’s new public outreach coordinator.


Nature’s Pathways: an introduction

In a new column, Shannadora Hollis combines “my unwavering love of science and my unwavering love of food” to illustrate not just the culinary benefits of herbs but also the molecular underpinnings of their effects on human health.


Remembering members

Obituaries for several society members. Feel free to share your recollections in the comments section.


Complementary skills: leadership and management

BY ARUNI S. ARACHCHIGE DON  Managing an academic lab or an industry team of scientists requires good leadership and management skills, but these skills are rarely taught or discussed directly in training programs. So how can graduate students and postdocs


World Science Festival

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