June 2012

Sports doping: an extreme game of biology

Cheating athletes manipulate various aspects of molecular biology and medicine to improve their performance. ASBMB Today science writer Raj Mukhopadhyay covers the increasingly sophisticated techniques of sports doping and detection.   


Sports doping sidebar: molecular quirks

Molecular biology presents interesting riddles to the antidoping world.


Stark raving mad for science

Science writer Raj Mukhopadhyay profiles George Stark, who contributed to the development of both Western and Northern blotting and who co-discovered gene amplification in mammalian cells and the JAK-STAT signaling cascade. 


Meet Ruma V. Banerjee

We interview Ruma Banerjee, professor of biological chemistry at the University of Michigan and the latest addition to the associate editors of The Journal of Biological Chemistry.


Q&A with NSF’s Parag Chitnis

Parag Chitnis, director of the Division of Molecular and Cellular Biosciences at the National Science Foundation, talked with ASBMB Today Editor Angela Hopp and the society’s science policy fellow, Julie McClure, about what kinds of research projects the NSF is looking to fund.


Fanning the fire

Angel S. Byrd feature 

Gates Millennium Scholarship and Merck Graduate Science Research Dissertation Fellowship recipient Angel Byrd is blazing a trail to become a pediatric endocrinologist and helping others along the way.

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