June 2012

Advice for new grads entering the job market

Nestor Concha from GlaxoSmithKline advises the Class of 2012 to have a plan, let it evolve, assess experiences and motivations, develop a top-notch résumé and strong interviewing skills, and embrace change.


ASBMB’s new mentoring committee gets to work

Fred Maxfield, the ASBMB Mentoring Committee chairman, lays out the group's plans to help foster and develop mentors as vital players in career development at all stages.


Attn: Lipid community!

Jordan Scott, the new Web editor for the Lipid Corner, introduces herself and writes about her plans for meeting the lipid community's evolving needs online.


Reaching out to minority science students

Michael Summers of the University of Maryland Baltimore County writes about using summer opportunities to recruit more underrepresented minorities to scientific research.


JBC structure papers to require validation reports from PDB

The Journal of Biological Chemistry is instituting a new requirement: Authors submitting manuscripts with an X-ray protein structures will need to submit validation reports summarizing the results of the wwPBD’s analysis of experimental data and geometry of the structures.


Marine microorganisms may be unexpected source for anti-inflammatory fatty acids used to treat lipid disorders

A new article in the Journal of Lipid Research looks at two active and distinct synthesizing pathways for n-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids, known for having anti-inflammatory effects on blood and the heart.


New functions for nuclear lamins in the brain

In a recent Journal of Biological Chemistry minireview, Stephen G. Young and Loren G. Fong explore emerging studies showing the importance of lamins in the brain.


The evolution of unstructured protein interactions

Newly published research in Molecular & Cellular Proteomics analyzes proteins with flexible structures that cannot be analyzed by conventional X-ray crystallography and the evolutionary advantage they provide.

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