March 2012

The men behind Western blotting

ASBMB Today science writer Rajendrani Mukhopadhyay clarifies the record on protein immunoblotting.


Photo series submission

In past issues of ASBMB Today, we’ve asked readers to send in photos of the many fabulous places and people they’ve visited while traveling to conferences. This lovely submission was taken while Raymond DuBois and his family were spending some quality time together in Hawaii after attending a cancer research conference in India.



In the January 2012 print issue, the article “The NSF’s two criteria review” had the wrong date at which the National Science Foundation began requiring two components in all proposals. The date should have read 1997.


What people are reading

Here are the most read articles on ASBMB Today’s website in the past three months.


Readers talk back

See what our readers have had to say about our coverage.

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